Why Read This?

From hyperconverged infrastructures to the public cloud, IT solutions continue to strive to simplify management and avoid the complexities and headaches of traditional infrastructures. However, infrastructures haven't been able to match the simplicity offered by the public cloud, and the public cloud haven't been able to match the performance of on-premises infrastructures.

Cloudistics delivers the 4th era of IT infrastructures, composable systems, that delivers the agility, scalability and ease of use of the public cloud, with the performance and control of on-premises infrastructure. Learn more from the expert Dr. Jai Menon, IBM Fellow, Dell CTO Emeritus, and Chief Scientist at Cloudistics - on the evolution of infrastructures and how Cloudistics delivers the next generation on-premises cloud.

The Composable Cloud Platform


Download our newest whitepaper written by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Jai Menon introducing the Composable Cloud Platform.